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One of our Home Inspections + Radon Testing + a Termite and Pest Inspection


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A single service from our list of Home Inspections


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Any combination of a Home Inspection and an Additional Service

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Condominiums: $650.00
Home Inspection: $450.00
Termite Inspection with WDI Report:  $100.00
Radon Test: $100.00

Townhouses: $675.00
Home Inspection: $475.00
Termite Inspection with WDI Report: $100.00
Radon Test: $100.00

Single Family 2500 sq. ft.: $695.00
Home Inspection: $495.00
Termite Inspection with WDI Report: $100.00
Radon Test: $100.00

Single Family 3000 sq. ft. : $750.00
Home Inspection: $550.00
Termite Inspection with WDI Report: $100.00
Radon Test: $100.00

Single Family 3000 + sq. ft.  (for every 500 sq. ft. add $75.00): $825.00
Home Inspection: $625.00
Termite Inspection with WDI Report: $100.00
Radon Test: $100.00

Condominiums: $450.00

Townhouses: $475.00

Single Family 2500 sq. ft.: $495.00

Single Family 3000 sq. ft.: $550.00

Single Family 3000 + sq. ft. (for every 500 sq. ft.  add $75.00): $625.00

Termite Inspection with WDI Report: $150.00

Radon Test: $150.00

radon inspection services

Radon Testing

Radon is an invisible, odorless, and tasteless gas that will go undetected without the proper test conducted by a trained professional. All of our inspectors are certified Radon Technicians, because we want to help save the lives of the countless residents of South Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania who are in danger of developing lung cancer due to this virtually imperceptible killer.

termite and pest inspections

Termite and Pest Inspections

Community Home Inspection Services partners with a well-established pest control company, because we want to make sure that you receive a Pest and WDI, or Wood Destroying Insect Inspection, from those who are the most capable of performing this service. Our partnership allows us to arrange for this inspection to take place at the same time that we are performing your Home Inspection.


Residential Inspections

Community Home Inspection Services’ Residential Inspection is an inspection of interior and exterior components, structures, and systems from the foundation all the way to the roof that are visible and accessible at the time of our examination of the property. We meet and exceed the state of New Jersey’s rigorous Laws and Standards of Practice, as required by the Department of Law and Public Safety and outlined in N.J.A.C. 13.40 – 15.1 to 13:40 – 15.24. After our inspection, we will present our findings to you as a slideshow as we explain both the defects and the positive aspects of the home. After the slideshow, we will take you on a walk through to point out and continue to explain our discoveries, to educate you about the way the systems function, and to answer any questions you may have. Residential Inspections are particularly helpful when paired with Radon Testing and a Termite and Pest Inspection. Contact us today to learn more about our Value Package, which includes all three services!


Pre-Listing Inspections

Everyone selling a home wants to get the best possible return on their investment. Hire Community Home Inspection Services to inspect your home for defects before you put your home on the market and the problems are discovered by potential buyers. Our Pre-Listing Inspection will leave you with the knowledge that you need to deal with issues you may not have known your home had, and if these are dealt with, your property may sell much faster than you ever imagined!


New Construction and New Construction Phase Inspections

You might think that by contracting with a new builder, you will be getting a perfect product. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as even the most experienced builders and contractors can make mistakes. Enlist Community Home Inspection Services to inspect your new home or investment property during the construction process to detect any defects before they become major- and hidden- problems. If you would like us to perform a 3-Phase New Construction Inspection, we will inspect the home before the concrete is poured, before the insulation and interior walls are fully installed, and once the home is complete.


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